50+, Italian. MA in English Lit. Bilingual writer. Poet. Editor. Freelancer. Teacher.

Poem for the never-ending poem

A hand with dry sand falling freely
Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

I am here
I was here
I will be here until
The end, if ever there will be one since
I cannot remember when I began, maybe I
Have never even started because I run through
Countless hands, which cannot hold me since I
Flow unstoppable and fluid and encounter no stony
Obstacle on my course
I give rise…

Personal Essay

And I did it great by debuting in an orchestra

Photo by Marco Venghi — 2016 ElasticOrchestra and Concordia Vocum Big Band — Teatro Ariston…

I made an impossible reentry as a cellist thirty years after I gave up playing and studying music. But first, I had to restore my cello after a disastrous accident that occurred twenty years ago. The story is long, but it’s worth reading. I hope you find it inspiring, entertaining…


A happy return as a writer and poet on Medium, after a full year off teaching and editing on BeingWriters and Genius in a Bottle. New POVs and insights in the next coming season

Photo courtesy of the author

Venice, Italy — July 21, 2021; Writers and poets are among the creators most represented on Medium platform. Raffaella Ferretti is also part of them, since 2018. First reader and then writer and then editor, she has published in various well-known publications: POM, Literally Literary, Illumination, and BeingWriters, to name…

For The Never-Ending Poem

Adobe licenced

This unleashed, fluttery flicker in the stomach
Excites me and pushes me to launch.
The thrill does not dissolve in one breath;
This, rather recklessly, speeds up and awakens
Butterflies in the deepest of thoughts.
Thoughts ever bolder and impatient,
Which whip up my will by tearing
What’s left of its worn net that can no
Longer hold…

A free-verse poem on meditating by the sea.

Ocean water surface
Photo by Catalin Goia from Pexels

Ribbons of colors wrap around
or untie, feeble and faint, flying and
On the waves of the sea, their
reflections emerge and roll
from the dark and
deep water when it shares
evanescent colored visions
that, absorbed, I stay
The meantime of a fading moment,
and their memory plunges and
in the liquid and profound…

Me and my writing on Medium

Happy and free woman walking in a field
Licensed photo — Stock-Adobe

My title sounds like a commercial, but I’m not talking about women’s sanitary pads. I’m just opening my situation as a writer on Medium. Finally, careless and free.

In these last weeks, I had so many personal satisfactions here, on our beloved platform, that I can now say to have…

A Tritriplicata, long enough to explain, short enough to be epigraphic

Foto di Lolame da Pixabay

A condensed and rhythmic
Reasoning, which heals my heart, lulling
My mind—Beautifying,

Hoping that my first approach to Tritriplicata, the verse form invented by Arjan Tupan, will be a good example of this new poetry. I enjoyed working with labor limae to frame my poetry concept.

Thank you…

Raffaella Ferretti

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