A Stroll Costs You Nothing, It Gives You Plenty

Give it a try and solve most of your writer’s issues.

Raffaella Ferretti


By Pxfuel.com

Walking and riding my bike through my town streets is a great pleasure that pampers all my senses. Treviso is a beautiful ancient Italian city, nearby Venice, with red brick walls, classical villas, water mills, rivers, and splendid lush gardens.

The rich vegetation gives the entire town a sweet perfume, very deliciously fragrant. It’s a special wild berry or, maybe, it’s a cherry candy scent, which lingers, more or less intense, in the air. I discovered that the Cherry Laurel bush is the main source of it. It is everywhere, throughout the city and the country.

I am telling about Treviso perfume because, even in this not-so-cold December, I am still happily smelling Cherry Laurel, during my usual saunters.

prunus laurocerasus by Pxfuel.com

I don’t know if creativity is considered one of the sense-tier or not, but walking is encouraging my imagination and I find myself always thinking a lot. Noticing details is a non-stop activity, due to the fact that going much slower than travelling by car, my eyes have plenty of time to freely explore around.

Normally, I walk three times per day with my dog, at 6:30 am, 2:30 pm, 10 pm for three different routes of half an hour. Moreover, I walk for my groceries, for bureaucratic issues, and for general shopping downtown.

I came to realize that, in all of these occasions, especially while I am with my dog that keeps stopping, my mind goes wild connecting, expanding, creating new ideas. Most of the times, they are so original and interesting that I grab my telephone from the pocket to record them in the note app.

When I’m writing down this fresh material, I get so excited about it that I want to return home as soon as possible. When I sit at my desk, I define and complete immediately those sprouts of ideas I had during the walk. This productivity is a genuinely, direct effect of my slowly strolling.

Most of my poems were drafted while walking. Plus, I have a long series of titles and writing projects and…



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