Careless and Free

Me and my writing on Medium

Raffaella Ferretti


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My title sounds like a commercial, but I’m not talking about women’s sanitary pads. I’m just opening my situation as a writer on Medium. Finally, careless and free.

In these last weeks, I had so many personal satisfactions here, on our beloved platform, that I can now say to have reached my personal purpose of my presence on Medium. Really, what a bliss to feel careless and free!

As probably I’ve already written somewhere else, I joined Medium because I looked for the validation of my English writing abilities through the curation of my stories/poems. Well, tough luck for me, because it never happened to any of my submissions. With that interest, I became a paying member to support the platform that would have done so much for me. But no curation for me… no, no, no!

Then, I tried to submit my stories to pubs, the first being Fiddleheads and Floss; at the time, regularly prompting poets to respond with poems. But recently, its owner Christina M. Ward created a new publication called The POM — Poets On Medium — where we flowed in like a large family of poets. From F&F, though, I found the courage to submit to Literally Literary and Dead Poets Live, which published right away my poems. When it happened, I was both thrilled and disbelieving.

And yet, still no curation for my darlings.

I also wrote a few articles, even though I feel always awkward to give advice. I’m actually very good in providing support, and I hear that I am an encouraging coach. Unfortunately for me, though, I can do it only if solicited. It’s interesting, because as a former elementary teacher, I should be more forward with my opinions and explanations. But it’s different to do it for young learners rather than for adults already having their plans well set. Who am I to tell people what and how to do things, if I am, in primis, looking always for directions? Too odd!

Therefore, I write prose articles only if originating from positive feelings and the desire to throw my enthusiasm to the world with a clear explanation… They are my personal eurekas. But they seldom occur.

So, are you wondering what’s the eureka today?



Raffaella Ferretti

Life always surprises me when I look for direction and measure. Writing poems and stories, Editing respectfully, and Teaching children. In the holistic sphere.